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Medical Exercise Professionals…….

The demands of building a strong and profitable medical exercise practice, as well as managing a wide range of post rehab clients can be overwhelming!

To be successful, your skills must be multi-faceted. You must be a specialist in many areas as a medical exercise practitioner, as well as an astute practice owner.


Do you really have what it takes?

If not (yet), then MedXPRO360 can get you there. It’s affordable and its do-able ….RIGHT FROM THE COMFORT OF YOUR OWN HOME OR STUDIO!!   

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The need for medical exercise training will explode over the next decade.

Baby boomers and the epidemic of chronic diseases, including hypertension, diabetes, osteoarthritis, low back pain and total joint replacements will fuel the need for Medical Exercise Specialist worldwide.

Highly trained and professional Medical Exercise Specialists are needed to help the medical community manage this epidemic. We know "that exercise is the key to long-term management of most chronic medical conditions".

By joining MedXPRO360, you are taking the first step to fully acquiring the skills, knowledge and ability to manage clients with a wide range of medical conditions. MedXPRO360 doesn't train you to treat medical conditions, it prepares you to work with doctors, therapists, chiropractors and others to manage medical conditions using EXERCISE!!
Here are some of the statistics proving showing why the need for medical exercise training will increase exponentially in the very near future increase:

Diabetes (DM)

25.8 million Americans are affected at a cost of $245 billion annually.

Hypertension (HTN)

67 million Americans are affected at a cost of $93.5 billion annually.

Low Back Pain (LBP)

Estimated cost is more than $110 billion/yr. If surgery is required, add an extra $20 billion to the price tag.


Priced at $90 billion annually with more than 400,000 hospitalizations.

Joint Replacements

Estimates place hip and knee replacements at 450,000 and 720,000 respectively at an annual cost of $65 billion.


Costs $190 billion annually including the management of related conditions such as HTN, DM, and cardiovascular disease.

Each of these conditions can be effectively managed with exercise and the need for medical exercise services will continue to grow...rapidly!!

This will result in a HUGE need for Medical Exercise Specialists.

Joining MedXPRO360 will give you a distinct advantage in establishing referral relationships with medical professionals and producing positive functional outcomes for your clients.

If you are a Medical Exercise Professional (MedXPROs) – join the MedXPRO360 community where you will both learn from and share with other MedXPROs, techniques, outcomes and exercise strategies.

Do You Have Problems Building Your Practice?

Most medical exercise professionals face similar problems:
👉difficulty communicating with medical professionals to establish referral relationships;
👉ineffective management of post rehab clients; AND
👉not having the resources or time available to build a profitable MET practice.

These situations leave, even the best Medical Exercise Specialists, frustrated and feeling helpless while knowing they have the answer to the chronic disease problem.....it's MEDICAL EXERCISE TRAINING!!

MedXPRO360 is the Answer!

In today’s environment, a Medical Exercise Specialist must have the ability to manage, assess and communicate at a much higher level than was expected when you initially received your certification training.

Join MedXPRO360 NOW and get the ADVANTAGE you need to take your practice to the next level and start "BRIDGING THE GAP".

👉MedXPRO360 will help you overcome your fear of communicating with doctors.
👉It will give you the strategies and exercise techniques needed to work with a wide range of clients.
👉MedXPRO360 will also give you the knowledge to help you build a strong practice and start making profits.

Isn't that what you want?

To make a difference doing something you LOVE while having a dynamic impact on your clients’ lives? To offer medical exercise training while earning an income sufficient enough to support your family and live a good life?

Then Join MedXPRO360!


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