I’ve never heard of MedXPRO360. Who started it?

MedXPRO360 was created by Michael Jones, PhD, PT.

“Dr Mike” is the originator and founder of the first and internationally known Medical Exercise Specialist workshop and certification.

Dr Mike’s vision in 1994 to “Bridge the Gap Between Health Care and Fitness” has resulted in more than 10,000 certified medical exercise professionals worldwide. His Medical Exercise Specialist, Medical Exercise Program Director, and Post Rehab Conditioning Specialist certifications are held by medical exercise and post rehab professionals around the world.

MedXPRO360 is his brainchild and another concept on the leading edge of the movement to “Bridge the Gap Between Health Care and Fitness”.

Dr. Mike knew, back in 1994, that there would be a huge need for medical exercise and post rehab training.

He recognized how the fitness professional, with proper training and protocols, could have a positive impact on the health care system. Now, 25 years later, Dr. Mike's vision is still helping “Bridge the Gap”. MedXPRO360 is his next step in helping better manage medical conditions with exercise.

Dr. Mike has designed MedXPRO360 specifically for you, the Medical Exercise Specialist. It gives you everything you need. MedXPRO360 will help you build confidence, share ideas, medical exercise management strategies and techniques. Webinars, online coaching sessions, and live forums, in addition to training videos, blogs, articles, and Q&A sessions are some of the options available when using MedXPRO360.

MedXPRO360 will deliver:

> Revenue generation ideas;
Medical exercise training techniques;
> Practice development strategies;
> Referral development strategies;
> Insurance reimbursement strategies;
> Relationship building techniques;
> MET assessment guidelines;
> Client management strategies;
> Regional clinical anatomy and pathology reviews and
> Practice resources such as PostRehabWorks and the PREPS Medical Exercise Protocols.

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