RedCord - A New MET Tool

Uncategorized Oct 07, 2018

Hi folks and welcome to MedXPRO360. We just launched our new membership site for medical exercise professionals. This is one of our first "MedXPRO360 Member Spotlights". These spotlights allow you to learn and see what other Medical Exercise Specialists around the world are doing.

This spotlight features Amanda Harris, MS, MES, MEPD owner of Re-Kinect in Richmond, VA. Amanda will tell us about her practice as well as demonstrating an exciting new piece of equipment - Redcord.  This equipment can assist medical exercise professionals produce better outcomes for their clients. 

For information on the RedCord workshop and to obtain at MES discount please contact Amanda directly at 434.996.7835 or [email protected]. To register for RedCord Richmond follow this link.

To join MedXPRO360 - "The Community for Medical Exercise Professionals", please follow the link to join. 



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