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MET Practice systems are essential to the success of every MET practice. Having MET practice systems in place leads to success and doesn’t allow any pieces, necessary to the success of the practice, to fall through the cracks. These webinars are conducted monthly and review each of the 12 MET practice systems.

Documentation of MET services will become more important over the next decade. The MET documentation webinars will explain and outline the keys to effectively document MET sessions and outcomes.

Effective communication is important for all Medical Exercise Specialists. The MET communication training will introduce a system using of various techniques and methods of communication with medical professionals and clients. Privacy, as well as HIPPA guidelines, are included.

The biweekly MET business case study session will review a real MET practice. A MET practice owner will discuss their practice with Dr Mike. He or she will share goals and objectives in-depth. These sessions will help MES360 members significantly improve their practices.

Positive functional outcomes are what it’s all about in medical exercise training. Outcomes training will look at medical conditions and the targeted outcome measures to use to determine if the training is effective. In the future, Functional Outcome Measures (FOMs) will become the most important measurement(s) for Medical Exercise Specialists.

Strategies for packaging and pricing MET services are shared in this online forum by MESs from around the world. How to “package and price” is important as you transition from fitness to MET. You’ll learn how others in your community as well as around the world are pricing their MET services.

the credentialing as a MET specialist is reviewed in this section. Specialization are available in neurology, orthopedics and geriatrics for METI Medical Exercise Specialists.

there are 4 distinct client types in medical exercise training. This video training will review each client type and discuss, in detail, the management guidelines and services for each.

These webinar sessions occur monthly to review strategies to utilize all aspects of medical exercise training to provide solutions for the most complicated clients.

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