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These weekly video reviews of regional anatomy are essential for every MES. The sessions are 30 minutes in length.

The weekly video training reviews the 52 essential MET skills identified in the “Medical Exercise Training Skills Checklist”. A separate MET skill is reviewed in each session. These segments are taught by Dr Mike or an experienced Medical Exercise Program Director. With each skill, you receive step by step procedures for perform the skill. You may also submit a video demonstrating your ability to perform the skill. Verification of your skill competence will give you points toward your MES or PRCS renewal.

The weekly video training reviews regional pathology and its impact on MET programming.

The MES assessment is the key to developing a safe and effective MET program. The weekly MET assessment video training will review regional assessment techniques and guidelines for musculoskeletal, cardiovascular and neurological conditions.

The MET exercise library contains video demonstrations of techniques used to manage medical conditions. Flexibility, strength, stability, cardiovascular, proprioceptive, coordination, postural training and sports performance exercise techniques are included in the library. These exercise techniques are presented and shared by Medical Exercise Specialists from around the world. You may ask questions of the presenters and obtain additional information to apply these exercises to your clients.

The Post Rehab Exercise Protocols (PREPS) are the basis of all aspects of medical exercise training services. The weekly PREPS webinar review, in detail, each post rehab protocol including assessment procedures, exercise selection and intensity.

The weekly spotlight highlights a successful Medical Exercise Specialist. The spotlight allows viewers to ask in-depth questions of the MES in the spotlight. The spotlights provide opportunities for coaching of interviewees and viewers.

Checklist training will review all MET checklists and discusses how each will assist Medical Exercise Specialists produce better functional outcomes for their clients.

The MES Career Success Path is the missing piece for all MES seeking to move beyond simply holding the certification. The 6 milestones of the success path are identified and the components of the pathway are discussed in this training.

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